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Lehm – Ton – Erde. Loam – Clay – Earth. These three words has been significant for the work of Martin Rauch for over 30 years. For us these words have a symbolic character and describe the whole philosophy of our work. Loam stands for handcraft and technology, Clay for artistic design, Earth for the sustainability of earth construction.

The company is based on our wide experience and ongoing innovation. We are capable of designing, planning and realising projects of any size. In our projects we set our standards very high. The focus of our work is concentrated on the rammed earth building technique – proven over thousands of years with new perspectives and developments.

New Construction: ERDEN Factory Workshop Lehm Ton Erde

Since May 2019, the "Lehm-Ton-Erde" Baukunst GmbH has been building a new workshop and integrated planning office as an additional production facility for the production of rammed earth products in the municipality of Schlins in Vorarlberg.


UPSCALING EARTH - Material, Process, Catalyst
Anna Heringer, Lindsay Blair Howe, Martin Rauch


Harvard Workshop


EXHIBITION "L'art du chantier"
at the Cité de l'architecture et patrimoine Paris

Participation at the exhibition of Martin Rauch

09 November 2018 to 11 March 2019

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Construction site Alnatura Campus

Since summer 2016 our company Erden Lehmbau GmbH is working on site of the "Alnatura Arbeitswelt"


Refined Earth - Construction & Design with Rammed Earth
New publication by Martin Rauch

Available from end of November 2015 in German and English from any well-stocked bookstore, at shop.detail.de/eu_e/ or directly at Lehm Ton Erde info@lehmtonerde.at



A Model of Advanced Clay Architecture
Roger Boltshauser, Martin Rauch


Lehm Ton Erde

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