Specific values

The following properties are based on data which were acquired in the Berlin reconciliation church in a testing procedure conducted at the technical university of Berlin, institute for design, construction, building economics and building law, department for structural engineering and building construction. The properties were accepted and accredited by the local building authority.

Nominal compression strength: 2,40 N/mm2
Bending tensile strength: 0,52 N/mm2
Shear strength: 0,62 N/mm2
Mixing in fibers, flax or hay can result in a enhancement of these characteristics.
Material shrinkage: 0,25 %
Creep resistance: 0,2 %
Dilatation: 0,005mm/m.K.
Thermal conductivity: according to Material 0,64W/mK up to 0,93W/mK

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