Hotel Adler Spa
St. Ulrich, Italy, 2021 - 2022
Architekten Mahlknecht Comploi
Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH

Starting in 2019, the extension of the spa and sauna pavilion for the Hotel Adler was initially put on ice due to the pandemic. Picking up again in 2022 and making up for lost time, the production and the planning of the rammed earth was completed in roughly one month. The installation of the 310 square metres of interior lining took one further month, showcasing the efficiency of prefabricated rammed earth compared to traditional in situ production. Adding to the impressive constructive feat, the dramatic scenery of the Dolomites posed some further challenges to be overcome. Narrow winding roads, a low-clearance bridge, a difficult-to-access terraced site, and a very snowy April required special logistical planning. But the results were worth the effort. The haptic texture of the rammed earth walls, made from the eroded alps themselves, complements the rich timber palette of larch facade, pine and willow sauna, and walnut finishings. The natural materials harmonise with the milieu of repose and respite offered to the guests.

Lehm Ton Erde

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