Competition Marrakesh
Training Centre for Sustainable Development
Marrakesch, Morocco, 2010
Alliances Darna
Anna Heringer, Elmar Nägele, Ernst Waibel, Martin Rauch, Salima Naji
1st price - UIA competition / Holcim Awards Bronze 2011 Africa Middle East

MACHEN! The German winners of the Holcim Awards 2011/2012
Video of the presentation:
Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch's presentation of the
Teaching and Training Center in Morocco
(starts in the middle of the video, at 14:30 minutes)
Video of the projects discussion

"At a meeting in Marrakech on 16 and 17 July 2010, the jury designated the winning team composed of Anna Heringer (Austria), Martin Rauch (Austria), Nägele Waibel architects (Austria) and Salima Naji (Morocco) that will be commissioned to realise the winning project.

The jury unanimously recognised the architectural quality of this project, as well as its modernity. Integrated into the local context, it proposes an interpretation of the archetypes of the rural ksars and the urban medersas. The jury was seduced by this humanist project that combines technology, culture and the socio-economic reality of the region. This architectural sculpture plays skillfully, both externally and internally, with the overlapping of volumes and light and shade."Anna Heringer, Martin Rauch, Frank Barkow & Mike Schlaich

(pictures: Martin Rauch)