Earth Dome
Workshop ETH Zürich
Zwingen, Zürich, Switzerland, 2013 - 2014
ETH Zürich
ETH Zürich, D-ARCH, Prof. Annette Spiro, Wahlfach Material-Werkstatt, Dozent Gian Salis in Kooperation mit Martin Rauch
Studenten der ETH Zürich
Andreas Galmarini Dipl. Ing. ETH/SIA und Oliver Bruckermann, Walt + Galmarini AG

As part of the elective material workshop, students of the ETHZ developed together with lectures Gian Salis and Martin Rauch an Earth Dome. The production took place in our two-week workshop in our production hall in Zwingen.

The total of 12 foot and 6 coupling elements were subsequently built as a pavilion on Hönggerberg, the main location of ETH Zürich.

Lehm Ton Erde

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