Handmade School
Rudrapur, Bangladesh, 2005 - 2006
Anna Heringer, Eike Roswag
Anna Heringer, Technische Planung: Eike Roswag
Fachberatung Lehmbau: Martin Rauch, Dr. Christof Ziegert

The philosophy behind METI (Modern Education and Training Institute) is “learning with happiness”. Existing potentials should be discovered, encouraged and refined. The school building reflects this attitude in its concept as in the use of traditional, local materials and building techniques. The aim is the intermediation of knowledge and techniques, in order to use the available resources as best as possible. The building technique of earthen weller walls and bamboo is derived off the local building traditions and is supposed to show the contemporary possibilities of the historical building techniques and enhance the appreciation of available and sustainable building materials. 

»This exciting project in a poor and rural area of Bangladesh shows, that a new, refreshing local identity can be achieved through using directly available resources.« (Paul Finch, Architectural Review, London)


Lehm Ton Erde

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